Winter and a Tale - The Lost Kingdom (Episode 7)

The Three Winter Guardians

In a shallow windy cold forest, between the small rock - there is a hidden doorway and a thick wooden door. Behind the door, there is a small 'village' occupied by wolfs, deer, bears and other animals. This is where the White Wolf lives - a place where Dr.J and his team went decades ago...

On an old stone avatar nearby the big rock at the center of the village where a lot of animal pass through...

Gray Bear: "Where is White Wolf?..does anyone sees him?"

Nobody replied

Then.." earlier today I saw him went out to the woods.." says a blue colored monkey

Gray Bear: " Raven Ray!"

Gray Bear, a large bulky bear with gray fur and Green colored eyes - known with his brute strength and aggression.

Gray one of the Three Winter Guardians of the community..a close ally with White Wolf. White Wolf has been governing the community ever since Dr.J left. Managing the wellbeing and survival of the animal community that lives beneath this frozen mountain - and throughout the years White Wolf has had some assistance from several animals that had been affected by Dr.J medicine - A medicine which had caused all the animals living here had the ability to talk and gained intelligence. And among them - there are few seems to be extraordinary - in intelligence, strength, and ability - These animals have been selected and called by the community the Three Winter Guardians.

After a moment - a large Eagle arrives - with dark feathers with white lining at its wings - with Green colored eyes - its Raven Ray! - also - one of the Three Winter Guardians. Known for his calmness and intelligence.

Gray Bear: "White Wolf he's.."

Raven Ray: "He's not in the village...he's also not in the woods..I've searched for him.."

Gray Bear:: "You should tell me always do things by yourself..."

Raven Ray: "I just came back from the don't need to send a blue monkey to find me...he never did.."

Gray Bear:"..."

Raven Ray: "I've found a human footstep in the woods.."

Gray Bear" !!!...White Wolf might be in trouble!..we need to go and find him now!"

Raven Ray: "I've followed the footsteps... it seems there were only two humans..."

Gray Bear:" Do you know where they went..?"

Raven Ray: " seems...they went to the Floating Town.."

Gray Bear: "!!!..we need to act fast..let's go!!!"

Raven Ray" "Wait...we need a plan...and Oilar is on his way.."

Gray Bear: "we cannot wait for any plan or anyone...White Wolf is in danger!!.."

Gray Bear then rushes towards the shallow door..entrance to the woods

Raven Ray:"....."

"Tell Oilar that we shall meet up at Floating Town entrance.." Raven Ray informed the animals around and then went straight to catch up with Gray Bear...

A moment later...a black panther suddenly appears out of nowhere and shocked the animals around...its Oilar!

Oilar looks sharply at the animals around with his Green colored eyes and a deep breath...

"They went to the woods...they..they at Floating Town entrance.."

Told one of the animals with trembling voice

Oilar - know for his strictness, agility, and speed. Able to bring fear to anyone who meets one of the Three Winter Guardians...

Oilar: " ...tell White Keeper that we went out for a while..he should that care of everything while we were out.."

All the animals noted.

The suddenly Oilar disappeared - with his speed - went straight to the woods.

Then one of the animals..."White Wolf should be alright...with these three probably anyone could not harm him--even the Dark Wolves.."

To be continued...









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