Winter and a Tale - The Lost Kingdom (Episode 6)

Dr. J returned with a cure - for the disease that spreads across the land.

J.L Martin: " was it look liked..?"

White Wolf: " its a what I could remember, its a red broken box with a weird decoration on it.."

Dr.J using the cure on all surviving animals in the land - with days gone by..the disease disappeared...

White Wolf: "..and so Dr.J..."

L.Evens: "...he disappeared..?"

White Wolf: " Yes...when the disease has been confirmed cleared from the land..he suddenly went away...the last sight I saw him is during the night when the disease cleared being confirmed.."

J.L Martin: "where did he go..? is his team still around..?"

White Wolf: "I don't know....i don't know..i really dont...only Dr.J went missing the next whilst his team was still around...even they didn't know where did Dr.J went"

L.Evens: "Where is the team then...did they went back?..back home..?"

White Wolf" "After staying a while here...they decided to establish a small place for them to have a proper stay.."

The team consists of experts from their homeland..they called it...if I could remember...scientists....engineers and...historians...

White Wolf: "Did you guys bypass a small town when coming here..?"

JL.Martin and L.Evens nodded

White Wolf: "That town was built by Dr.J team when they decided to was built several decades ago...the population then grew..and the community became large and larger as time flew by.."

White Wolf: "But day.."

JL.Martin and L.Even focus...wanting to know what exactly has happened to the town...

White Wolf: "... everyone has gone...every single seems like they evacuated the place out of the sudden..without informing us.."

L.Evens:"...........did it felt the same way as Dr.J..i mean..when he went missing..?"

White Wolf:" is.."

L.Evens:" ..when we exploring the town..we did feel a sudden sorrow..which both of us felt and didn't know where does it come from..and I think this is what you felt when Dr.J when missing... it's like a deep sorrow..?"

White Wolf: "... I think it is...but that might be because Dr.J is a close friend of mine..."

L.Evens:"..are you didn't felt anything other than that..?"

White Wolf: ".....i...i...i think I did.. it's like a weird feeling..similar to those when I went to the town.."

L.Evens:"....that's it!.... I think. I know a slight clue.."

J.L Martin: "..what is it Evens..?"

L.Evens:"...we need to find the source of that might be felt stronger somewhere.. I think..that which from that we might find out what happens to Dr.J and the rest of the town peoples"

White Wolf:"!!!"

To be continued...




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