Winter and a Tale - The Lost Kingdom (Episode 4)

Both of them start to search the entire town - houses by houses. Even though it is very tiring and foods and drinks that they bring are finite, without proper resources for food and drinks available in that town, but - with motivation to know what does really happen to the town, they manage to allocate their resources properly.

After several hours of searching, there is nothing more available for them...

JL.Martins: "there nothing here Evens.."

L.Evens: "there is one more left.." while pointing out to a weird looking house at the very end of the town

L.Evens" "Are you ready..?"

JL.Martin: "I'm prepared"

L.Evens: "Let's go!"

Both of them went to the house..carefully pushing through an old broken door

With their night google on, they can see clearly what is in the hall, rooms, kitchen...

When suddenly...they saw something..something that shines..not too shining..but shines...not too far behind a small cupboard in the kitchen...

Both of them walk slowly towards the thing that glows...

L.Evens: "..its a box.."

JL.Martin: "is it dangerous..?"


L.Evens: "..I don't think so..but need to take precaution.."

THen L.Evens draw out the small rod he founds in one of the houses before case required...for such an event like this

L.Evens than opens up the box

JL.Martin: "let we see what is in here.."

JL.Martin: "Its a key...a glowing one.."

L.Evens picks up the key..when he picks it up it stops glowing...

Both of them shocked...

JL.Martin: "What happened..?"

L.Even: "I don't know..and I don't know what is it for...a never see such key in the map.."

L.Evens opens up the map and try to assure that is there any key mentioned in the map

JL. Martin: "Anything..?"

L.Evens: " nope..nothing.."

JL.Martin: "Let's go out..there nothing more left here for us.."

L.Evens: "..."

Both of them went out of the house..and walk slowly away from the house...

Both of them silenced for a while..both of them thinking what to do...

Then suddenly when they walk past a large pillar - the key in L.Evens hand begins to shines...


L.Evens "Martin look.."

JL.Martin: "Yea..its glowing..but why out of the sudden.."

L.Evens looks around the area...trying to find anything that could cause the glow


JL.Martin: "Even! look..there is a keyhole" while pointing out to a small corner by the side of the large pillar

L.Evens looked and went slowly towards the pillar...

L.Evens: "Its matched..the keyhole size is quite similar.."

JL.Martin nodded in affirmative..agreeing L.Evens intention to use the key

L.Evens plug in the key ... then suddenly the pillar shines with a bright green light...and the floor beneath them suddenly cracked...and a small pathway appears right beneath them...

JL.Martin: "...what is this Evens..?"

L.Evens: " is..a passage..a passage that I know where it will bring us to.."

JL.Martin: "!!!"

To be continued...



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