5 Tricks for Time Travel

Time is precious especially when comes to traveling. Either on holiday or business trip, a proper consideration for time management is important. Managing time effectively could play a great role on the trip experience.

Be Early
1. Arrive early -- when travel being punctual is important -- always add extra time early for any occasion -- this could save your travel time, not miss your flight, train, appointments, etc. -- avoid procrastination

Bring Less
2. Pack less -- to allow more space for travel shopping -- less energy spend on carrying your luggage or backpack when traveling from one place to another -- always plan things to bring -- sort out things that are important and what is not.

Stay Focus
3. Relax -- alway be mindful of want you're doing and be focus one at a time -- sometimes when we were to rushy aka multipurpose -- we tend to miss out crucial things and -- might make us waste more time doing the same thing -- or unrealized being pickpocketed!

4. Be mindful when engaging in a conversation during travel -- some conversation might consume your travel time e.g for catching up trains, events, etc.

Goodnight Sleep
5. Have a good place to sleep - not necessary a big budget hotel or a less expensive room - but a suitable place for your rest, for you to get decent sleep -- having a good sleep is important especially during travel -- since each day is precious -- remember to plan for your night rest (sleep) -- to have a complete rest today for a fresh day tomorrow.



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