3 Tips When Staying at a Hotel

When staying at a hotel, we might miss out on a few things that could possibly affect our travel experience. Things that could influence our quality of sleep, rest, health etc. Listed below some points to consider when staying at a hotel

1. Etiquette/Good Manners

As a part of a community, etiquette could play a big role when staying at a hotel. This could possibly give a good and refreshing stay.

Be mindful of noise - try at your best not to disturb other room guests either it is in your room or while walking to the hall or when going back to your room.

Try to keep things nice and neat - when using hotel and hotel room facilities e.g swimming pool, gym, kitchen, bathroom - always keep in mind that you are temporarily using the room and its facilities. When there are things you are not sure how to use and not available, always communicate with room service. Before leaving the room to be cleaned up by the housekeeper/cleaning staffs, make sure things are not that too messy - this could be helpful for the housekeeper/cleaning staffs

Smile often - when walking through to the hall or when going back to your room, always be generous to give a polite smile, either to other guest or hotel staffs when passing by.

2. Additional Cost

Make sure you know what is and what not included in the room package. This is to avoid over-budget on paying for expenses that you thought were included in the room package such as wifi rate, additional bed, food, drinks etc.

3. The Unexpected

Noises - There might be an event happening outside the hotel during your stay or noises made from nearby rooms that could be a bit disturbing for your rest, Always bring accessories that could help you minimize the effect of thins that could affect your stay such as bringing an earplug, 

Facilities - Some of the room supplies required by you might not be included in the room packages such as additional towel, body wash liquid, etc. Before travel, make sure to ask what is provided and to start thinking about what you should bring before arrive at the hotel.

Cleanliness - Make sure you inspect room cleanliness when checked in. Such as your bed, bathroom, locker, etc. Sometimes the housekeeper/cleaning staffs could miss a few when cleaning the room.








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