Winter and a Tale - The Lost Kingdom (Episode 6)

Dr. J returned with a cure - for the disease that spreads across the land.

J.L Martin: " was it look liked..?"

White Wolf: " its a what I could remember, its a red broken box with a weird decoration on it.."

Dr.J using the cure on all surviving animals in the land - with days gone by..the disease disappeared...

White Wolf: "..and so Dr.J..."

L.Evens: "...he disappeared..?"

White Wolf: " Yes...when the disease has been confirmed cleared from the land..he suddenly went away...the last sight I saw him is during the night when the disease cleared being confirmed.."

J.L Martin: "where did he go..? is his team still around..?"

White Wolf: "I don't know....i don't know..i really dont...only Dr.J went missing the next whilst his team was still around...even they didn't know where did Dr.J went"

L.Evens: "Where is the team then...did they went back?..back home..?"

White Wolf" "After staying a while here...they decided to establish a small place for them to have a proper stay.."

The team consists of experts from their homeland..they called it...if I could remember...scientists....engineers and...historians...

White Wolf: "Did you guys bypass a small town when coming here..?"

JL.Martin and L.Evens nodded

White Wolf: "That town was built by Dr.J team when they decided to was built several decades ago - the population then grew..and the community became large and larger as time flew by.. we, the animal's community called it the Floating Town "

White Wolf: "But day.."

JL.Martin and L.Even focus...wanting to know what exactly has happened to the town...

White Wolf: "... everyone suddenly disappears...every single seems like they evacuated the place out of the sudden..without informing us.."

L.Evens:"...........did it felt the same way as Dr.J..i mean..when he went missing..?"

White Wolf:" is.."

L.Evens:" ..when we exploring the town..we did feel a sudden sorrow..which both of us felt and didn't know where does it come from..and I think this is what you felt when Dr.J when missing... it's like a deep sorrow..?"

White Wolf: "... I think it is...but that might be because Dr.J is a close friend of mine..."

L.Evens:"..are you didn't felt anything other than that..?"

White Wolf: ".....i...i...i think I did.. it's like a weird feeling..similar to those when I went to the town.."

L.Evens:"....that's it!.... I think. I know a slight clue.."

J.L Martin: "..what is it Evens..?"

L.Evens:"...we need to find the source of that might be felt stronger somewhere.. I think..that which from there we could find out what happens to Dr.J and the rest of the town peoples"

White Wolf:"!!!"

To be continued...


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