Winter and a Tale - The Lost Kingdom (Episode 3)

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Both of them starts walking towards the small floating town

JL.Martin: "what is this place...?"

L.Evens: "hmm...things getting weird and weird Martin..haven't you noticed?"

JL.Martin nodded in affirmative.

Both of them walks through the small pathway that leads to the small town which distanced from the place which they fall (as a result of escaping the wolf-dog like creature) is about quarter miles.

 Once they arrived at nearby houses...

L.Evens: "It is could this be..?"

JL. Martin: "is this the lost place that we've been looking for..?"

L.Evens: " ... I don't think so.."

JL Martin: "...."

Then both of them starts walking through the small town..wondering how could all of the houses float and if there is anybody around.

L.Evens: "Let's try get into one of this houses"

JL Martin: "that is trespassing!"

L.Evens: "We knocks before enter..see if anyone around"

JL.Martin: "Let's try this one" while pointing out to a broken house in front of them

L.Evens nodded

Then, both of them climbs up to the floating house since its end is reachable by hand and not to far stretch from the floor.


"Anyone home..?" L.Evens ask gently after knocking the door while JL. Martin looks around the house

JL. Martin: " I don't think that there is anyone around..look at this place.." while grabbing L. Evens shoulder and pointing him to an old wooden chair with bags of dust. " seems that this place has been without inhabitant for a while.."

L.Evens nodded, engaging his night google and slowly touches the door handle and when noticing that the door is not locked, he opened a bit and took a peak to see if there is anyone in the house.

"there no one I think.." then L.Evens enters the house while JL. Martin follows by the rear while putting on his night google.

" This is a weird house.. it's..empty.." says L.Evens

"hmm..and there is a weird feeling as well..." says JL. Martin

"...." L.Evens remains silent while looking around the wall and ceiling

"..there is a sad feeling here Evens.." says JL. Martin "didn't you felt it..?"

"..." L.Evens remain silence

"Evens..? it's getting weird Evens..this feeling is getting stronger and stronger..what is happening..?" ask JL. Martin as he looks at L.Evens back as he still looking around the wall and ceiling

JL.Martin then grab L.Evens wrist pulls him and ask.."didn't you felt it..?..!!!"

JL.Martin shocked when he saw clearly ...L.Evens eyes full of tears..even though both of them are wearing the night google.

"what is happening..?" JL.Martin seems couldn't get hold of that feeling and also started to cry...

For a moment, both of them did not move from their place..standing still

Then L.Evens makes a move..runs towards to entrance while JL.Martin follow close...

Once out, both of them sat down on the balcony grief...

After a moment..both of them gets their foot back...

"what is that?..why out of the sudden we felt that way..a deep grief and just came out of nowhere.." asked JL.Martin


JL Martin: " ...Evens..?"

L.Evens nodded ..."Martin, I think we have to find out.."

JL Martin: "find out..?"

L.Evens nodded and says "...we have to find out what has happened here...what has happened to this mysterious small town."


To be continued...

Tochaku Tell a Tale

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