Winter and a Tale - The Lost Kingdom (Episode 1)

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What makes someone reach the boundaries of travel see the world, its wonders, its experience and to learn...

Once upon a time, in a middle of cold winter floor nearby a heavy bulky rocky mountain that flooded with ice, snow and infinite shallow fogs...

JL. Martin: "are you sure the lost city is up there..?"

L. Evens: "I'm sure it is in is as per describe in this map.."

JL. Martin: "Then..what are we waiting for..?.."

L.Evens: "Let's go"

Both of them started moving, walking slowly toward a particular broken staircase that seems to lead to its peak, the mountains top. It is a hollow moment for both of them - nobodies around, even animals and insects in that midst of cold winter at dawn.

JL. Martin: "We better should start going through this staircases before everything goes pitch black when the sun sets"

L. Evens nodded in affirmative.

L. Evens: "Let's prepare our tools first, just in case if there's anything happens in between.."

Both of them draws out their related equipments.

JL.Martin: "Are you sure this is safe Evens?"

L.Evens: "From what I read it is..but just hold tight your tools, we stay close and watch our footsteps"

JL. Martin nodded and both of them began walking through the staircase. A broken incomplete staircase filled with debris and weird looking paintings in black and white.

After an hour walking, as the sun began to set, both of them swiftly reach a certain part of the staircase and...

JL. Martin: "it going to get pitch black now..and climbing this felt like forever.."
L. Even: "never worries Martin, prepare your 'light watch' and soon the moon shall accompany us.."

Then, both of them began to turn on their 'light watch' - a technological advance watch that enables the user to emit a light that matches the tone color of its surroundings which giving the user a full-scale light with minimal power consumption.

Then suddenly, they hear a weird sound from the left side of a bulky rock nearby the a time when the sun finally set thus, the moon seems nowhere to be found...

JL. Martin: "What is that sound Evens?"

L.Evens: "shh...put on night google now!" (L. Evens shouted in a low toned voice)

Before both of them able to put their night google, the sound started to reach near both of them..from the shallow fogs that in between the bulky rock.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, both of their light watches lights went off and then..................two pairs of red crystallized colored eyes with a heavy breath and appears close before their very eyes...

JL. Martin and L.Evens: " !!! "

To be continued...


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