Travel Tips - Preparation before Travel

Tips for Travel

Here are some suggestions on how to plan before travel. These suggestions are merely conceptional but it is worth to look at. At least, this could give us some general ideas on how to start and where to start our travel plan.

1. If possible, book your calendar a few days before travel for your travel preparation.
This is to adjust your environment/mood for the traveling.
2. Get a note, hard copy note either in A3 or A4 and start writing up all the items you required for your travel
3. Then, start categorizing all the items for it purpose
4. Then, get another piece of note and map out all your travel plan/activities from day one
5. Then, get another piece of note, write up security measure required during your travel
6. Then, put all 3 notes, items, activity, and security notes and do some reasonableness test - check which item reasonable to bring or not, and which item that wasn't in the list required for an activity as per planned.
7. Then get another piece of note - write it up in nicely - combining the activity and the item.
8. Show it to your travel partner (if any) and do some discussion if there is any adjustment required.
9. Finalize your note, if possible at least 2 days before travel.

Have a wonderful and safe trip!


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