Top 5 Things Before Travelling

Sometimes, before travel, we might to fill-up with items to bring and preparing the what-to-do list, we might miss-out certain things that could be important especially when traveling overseas Listed below are 5 points to consider before going out overseas for travel.

Confirm that your health is in good condition to travel and
get medical advice from your doctor. Also, try to see which food you should and shouldn't take when travel and check if the weather condition suits you. Visit related medical alert and news for any medical updates such as virus outbreak, the vaccination required, etc.

Before going for travel, try to make sure that your shoes are in very good condition due to most of the times - traveling requires a lot of walking.

Make a check on your credit or debit card validity and check with the related financial institution on how to use your card when traveling overseas. Also, do check ATM availability in the country you are visiting and its location.

To make sure that lost of direction does not happens when travel - having a map could be helpful. Try to download suitable map application that could be useful during your travel and/or try to get a hard-copy map (especially in case of an emergency such as when there is no more phone battery available)

A Good Sleep
Sometimes, noises could affect our quality of sleep - especially during travel since we might need a good rest for tomorrow journey. For example, there could be some events happening outside or rooms besides your room that making noise that could disturb you while you are sleeping. Bringing accessories that could help to minimize noise such as earplug could be helpful.

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