Most Top Common Travel Mistakes when Travelling Overseas

Tips for Travel

Here are some key points to consider that could be useful before preparing for travel. These points noting the common mistakes that could happen while traveling overseas.


  • Did not make some homework on how the visa works - relating to the travel purpose for the visited country before deciding on making a journey.
  • Not checking visa type and timeline - what and how it should be done if expires when to renew and type of visa required specifically for your travel purpose.
  • Did not check passport for empty pages - sometimes we might forget that our passbook is full.


  • Did not consider the difference in time zone - this could affect our existing schedule and could cause us to re-schedule our activities - and this most probably requires a lot of energy and time.
  • Not having a backup plan in case things went haywire - without proper contingency plan during travel could lead some stress and time waste in re-scheduling and brainstorming.

Cost/Financial Waste

  • Bringing non-relevant stuffs (items that is actually unnecessary for the travel - we thought it is but actually it is not - having a good advice from experienced personnel might be worthwhile) causes luggage overweight which is costly - a waste in time, money and energy (that could also lead to emotional impact such as reduces travel excitement, etc.)
  • Not checking how to do international roaming with related telco - and oversight in overseas usage pricing - that leads to overspending in telephone bill
  • Overspending in shopping - without having a proper list of items for purchase plus addition cash reserve for extra purchases may cause us to buying lots of unnecessary items - such as items which can be obtained via online purchase (at the same price), items that is not useful (won't be utilized) or items that we can get from stores nearby our home -  not having a proper plan and some homework could cause a significant waste in our finances which could be used elsewhere such as for other activity during the travel period.
  • Not considering pickpocket scenario - such as placing cash carry at various places could cause damage to our travel finances.


  • Not considering other culture and traditions - without having a proper peace and respectful attitude towards locals custom and cultures is not a good practice. Furthermore might causes difficulties in having a peace and joyful journey - and also we might not be able to understand other traditions and customs.
  • Not making homework on local language- we might get stuck somewhere and don't know where to go - since no one could assist you without a common understanding
  • Not making homework on local foods and which might and might not suit you - a good homework about available foods could help in having a relaxing travel experience

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