11 Travel Tips You Might Not Think Of

Tips for Travel

Some people might be used to travel and some people might not. Some people might have travel experience and learned from them - and some might forget. Listed below are 11 tips for travel and probably could give you an insight and reminder - that could also be helpful during your journey.

1. Learn a bit of local language and phrases that commonly used instances like "thank you" or for asking direction - and find out unsuitable words that are less common to the locals


2. Always bring a towel - this could be helpful - it just you might not know when

3. Bring a map - both, in your phone and a hard copy - in case your phone went out of power or lost - you know where to go
and remember to mark important places during an emergency in your maps (phone and hard-copy)


4. Reserve cash for an emergency - during travel budgeting - always allocated at least a few percentages for the emergency situation that suits your judgment before start traveling

5. Make some study on how to safely carrying your cash

6. Try out local foods that suits you - make sure you made some study on local foods and ask a bit from locals/store owner/staff if there is uncertainty in regards to the food that you're going to eat

7. Always bring a mini-pack first-aid kit

8. Be open and respectful to locals, their cultural traditions and communicate in a peaceful manner


9. Take your precautions especially with strangers - make some research on how things work there - this is to make sure not to be cheated, scammed or other

10. Make sure your shoes are in good condition - most of the times traveling especially on vacation requires a lot of walking

11. Be patient - this is the main and most important point- sometimes thing won't happen as per plan and it could reach the unexpected.
Always remember to stay calm, take a deep breath, be acceptable and try your best to find the most peaceful and effective approach to solve the problem faced.- if possible try to keep your energy level at a good state - this might help you stay more focus when things turn out not as per plan.

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